Letter to My 20-Year Old Self

What’s happenin’ ya’ll?!

As you can probably guess, being on tour gives me plenty of time to reflect on, well, everything. I’m so thankful for all the good that ya’ll are doing through SOS2 for City of Refuge—and we have SO much more planned in the coming months.

Now don’t get it twisted; getting to this point wasn’t easy. I look back on my journey and often think of the advice I’d give to my younger self. I began to the think on this subject quite a bit starting about 2 years ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What I would say to my younger self seemed an

important question in need of a thoughtful answer.

So I wrote a letter ... to me. ——
Dear 20-year-old self,

What up, turd blossom?! Quick question: Why shouldn’t I just punch you in the mouth right now? Oh, that’s right ... there’s NO good reason I shouldn’t. Luckily for you, I can’t. Make no mistake, though, if I could, I would. When you’d inevitably ask, “Why?” I’d do it again. This scenario would probably play out a few more times because, let’s face it, you’re not especially bright.

You need to understand that my assault on your jaw is purely out of love and a strong desire to shorten the learning curve for you. The problem is, you already know the right path but you consistently sell yourself short. There you are, just riding the wave, oblivious to the sharp rocks just below the surface. When that wave hits those rocks, you’re gonna be screwed and the only person you can blame is yourself because you haven’t stopped—even for a secondto contemplate anything other than having a good time. So, let’s get busy, shall we?

The truth is the world owes you nothing. Not a damn thing. Until this point in your life, you’ve coasted on your talents, and the road you’re on is running out of pavement. If you don’t get serious about establishing some goals and relentlessly pursuing them, you’re gonna find yourself broke and alone real soon. Right now, you can’t conceive how low rock bottom is because the world is your oyster, or so you think. Well, I’ve got some news for you, pal. Not one of the people you work with cares more about you than they do themselves; self-interest is king in this world.

What that means is that no one but you can know what truly makes you happiest in life. But if you don’t know yourself, if you don’t take personal inventory from time to time, then how can you possibly know what makes you tick? You already have a clue that making other people happy is

something that gives you purpose, but you don’t have a ton of respect for that fact as demonstrated by your complete lack of awareness when it comes to some of your closest relationships. Quit being such a selfish prick all the time. Try living up to the standards you were raised by. I shouldn’t have to tell you this!!!

I could spend days just going over all of your massive mistakes and it would probably work well considering you’ve always been pretty good at learning from the past, but that’s my point. We’re talking about your future and maybe you need to make those mistakes to put them in the past where they belong. I’ll tell you one thing; you will have some GREAT stories. You’ll also have some dark

stories that you hope never see the light of day. Then you’ll get tired of the bad outweighing the good and you’ll quit being such a jackass. Too bad it can’t be different but, such is your life.

In all seriousness, if it were possible to impart some wisdom or insight onto you, I’d probably just say nothing in the hopes that you could see the wisdom in the silence. Your biggest problem has always been that you’re silence-averse. Yet, it’s in our quietest moments that we learn the most, not only about ourselves but others, as well. The noise this world generates can stifle any attempt at peaceful self-reflection and, yet, that mental exercise is what’s most-needed to attain personal peace. Your biggest hurdle in this pursuit of silence is not the world.

It’s yourself.

Ah, but who am I kidding? You’re not gonna read this stuff. Why would you? Like I already said, you don’t know yourself all that well. So how would you know that you wrote this? #Paradox #GrowUp #LoveYaBud #DontBeADoucheCanoe