As you may or may not know, philanthropy has been a big part of my life for a long time.
I've found that artists like myself are uniquely positioned to raise awareness and make
a difference in our own communities and beyond.

As such, in 2015 I decided to make philanthropy a more permanent part of my life by establishing the SOS Foundation. The goal here is to use music, both recorded and live, to raise money for causes I'm passionate about. With the help of some amazing people,
I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of our second charitable record!

This is a follow up of a record we put out in 2016 called SOS 2:  Soul On A Mission, which
was a covers record. This new record will also be a covers record, but this time; a lullaby album with a children’s book as well. 

A portion of the album proceeds will be donated to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge.


We plan on releasing a charitable covers album every 2 years. If you donate to the foundation by clicking the secure link below, your donation will go towards the recording and promotion of the next charitable covers album.  I’ve also included direct donation links to the charitable foundations I support if you prefer to donate directly to a foundation. 


charitable records


proceeds from “S.O.S. 2” BENEFIT
City of Refuge in Atlanta